gogoNETLive!2 IPv6 Conference Nov 1-3 at San Jose State University

The second annual gogoNETLive! event is happening November 1-3, 2011 at San Jose State University in Silicon Valley in Northern California. This will be the only dedicated IPv6 conference happening on the west coast and the CAv6TF is happy to be co-sponsoring and helping. The event is fast approaching so we encourage folks to sign up at registration page.

The line up of speakers in impressive and if you sign up in time you can get a slot for the hands on labs happening the first day. We look forward to meeting folks at the event!
– Ed Horley

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Texas IPv6 Task Force Fall IPv6 Summit is scheduled for September 2011

The Texas IPv6 Task Force has posted their fall event calendar. September 14-15th they will be hosting their annual event in Austin, TX. Check out their website for more details.

– Ed

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Can You Participate In World IPv6 Day?

June 8th 2011 is designated as world IPv6 day.  For most people it’s going to be a relatively uneventful day.  However, for those who advocate the use of IPv6, it’s going to be a very exciting day.  Essentially it’s a test drive that’s sponsored by the Internet Society and a number of large organizations.

Here’s How It Works

When you look up a web site on the internet a DNS resolution occurs. The record that’s returned is called an “A” record. In IPv6 the record is called a “AAAA” record. On World IPv6 day “AAAA” records will be enabled for those participating in the test drive. If you are using IPv6 you will be able to resolve and access these organizations using the new “AAAA” record.

How Can You Participate?

There are a few ways you can participate.

Hurricane Electric

Head on over to Hurricane Electric’s Free IPv6 Tunnel Broker service and get an account. Then use a D-Link DIR-632 Wireless-N 8-Port Router, or similar device. You can check out my article on how to set it up over on my personal blog.


You can also check out SixXS tunnel broker server and this write-up on how to get going.


Head on over to gogo6 and watch the tutorial video on configuring IPv6 in 60 seconds.

In The End, It’s Worth It To Learn

In the end, it’s worth it to learn how IPv6 will play a part in your everyday network experience. If you’re still having issues getting past the IPv6 jitters you are welcome to join me for a free webinar on June 8th, 2011. The Webinar is sponsored by Ascolta and you can get more information and select a time to attend the Webinar that fits your schedule.

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CAv6TF is encouraging participation in World IPv6 Day

World IPv6 Day

For those unaware, ISOC is sponsoring World IPv6 Day where major content providers will do a test flight of making their services available on IPv6. This is a great opportunity for home, smb and enterprise IT professionals to test their ability to reach resources via IPv6 if they have v6 available.

The California IPv6 Task Force website is already dual stacked and even shows you what IPv4 or v6 address you are connecting to the site with, that is in the upper right below the turtle. As an added bonus, the turtle will be swimming if you connect with IPv6 so technically the content is slightly different depending on which version you connect with.

So use this opportunity to get your lab up and working and to test things out to show you can at least get IPv6 working by June 8th. The countdown is on – are you ready?

– Ed Horley

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TechEd in Australia denied temporary IPv4 allocation from APNIC

There is a great write up on the recent denial of temporary IPv4 allocation to the folks who run Microsoft TechEd in Australia. (Ed. note – check the date 😉

Regardless, it shows now how important it is for folks to really start learning and preparing for the situation where you might only have IPv6 access to the Internet and do you have a transition technology in place to address talking back to your IPv4 only resources. Alternately, are you making your key resources IPv6 enabled which would still allow a client machine that is only IPv6 able to access your content?

Get ready, things are moving quicker than many predicted even with this “timely” article.
– Ed

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Upcoming IPv6 events for March and April

If you happen to be traveling to London next week check out Bring on IPv6. They look to have a nice line up of speakers for the event. In late April the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force is hosting their annual IPv6 summit in Denver, CO. We highly encourage folks to attend the event as it is the largest most well attended IPv6 event in North America, the speaker list top notch and also it optionally has a pre-conference hands on lab. Given the cost of the event it is a steal!

– Ed

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San Francisco Security B-Sides

The CAv6TF is excited to help out the Security B-Sides with their San Francisco event happening Mon Feb 14th and Tues Feb 15th at the Zeum in San Francisco. This event is around the corner from RSA so please drop by if you are interested in seeing IPv6 in action. We were able to set up and deliver IPv6 for the event for both wired and wireless for presenters and users.

Hopefully with a bit of exposure to security professionals, IPv6 will gain their interest and help them ask good questions of vendors and suppliers what the state of their IPv6 readiness is today and their road map for the future.

– Ed

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