CAv6TF is encouraging participation in World IPv6 Day

World IPv6 Day

For those unaware, ISOC is sponsoring World IPv6 Day where major content providers will do a test flight of making their services available on IPv6. This is a great opportunity for home, smb and enterprise IT professionals to test their ability to reach resources via IPv6 if they have v6 available.

The California IPv6 Task Force website is already dual stacked and even shows you what IPv4 or v6 address you are connecting to the site with, that is in the upper right below the turtle. As an added bonus, the turtle will be swimming if you connect with IPv6 so technically the content is slightly different depending on which version you connect with.

So use this opportunity to get your lab up and working and to test things out to show you can at least get IPv6 working by June 8th. The countdown is on – are you ready?

– Ed Horley


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