Task Forces

Depending on your location in North America there are different Task Forces you can participate in. The parent organization is the North American IPv6 Task Force. It is mainly a loose coalition of members from downstream Task Forces that operate across the US, Canada and Mexico.

The following are current active Task Forces in North America:

North American IPv6 Task Force North American IPv6 Task Force – http://www.nav6tf.org/
California IPv6 Task Force California IPv6 Task Force – http://www.cav6tf.org/
Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force – http://www.rmv6tf.org/
Texas IPv6 Task Force – http://www.txv6tf.org/
Hawaii IPv6 Task Force Hawaii IPv6 Task Force – http://www.ipv6hawaii.org/
MidAtlantic IPv6 Task Force Mid-Atlantic IPv6 Task Force – http://www.midatlanticv6tf.org/
Canada IPv6 Task Force Canadian IPv6 Task Force – http://www.ipv6canada.ca/
Mexico IPv6 Forum – http://www.mx.ipv6tf.org

In addition, several Task Forces are forming in different geographic areas including the Northwest and Southeast. The list will be updated when they go live.