Sponsoring the California IPv6 Task Force

Goals and Mission:

The CAv6TF is a federally recognized 501(c)3 not for profit  entity that is devoted to:

IPv6 use, education, and deployment through advocacy, membership, certification and learning resources for its base of internet protocol engineering members.

It is affiliated with the North American IPv6 Task Force and coordinates with the other IPv6 Task Forces across the world. Specifically, the CAv6TF is an open user group accepting members from all geographies (not just California,) dedicated to the advancement and propagation of IPv6.

In addition, its mission is to advocate, educate and promote IPv6 by providing:

  • Technical leadership
  • Technical and marketing content
  • Local and regional meetings


The CAv6TF is funded by commercial organizations through two different and complementary sponsorships:

  1. The Technical Advisory Board Sponsorship
  2. The CAv6TF Marketing Services Sponsorship

Why Fund the CAv6TF?

Industry adoption of IPv6 is critical to the growth and long term viability of the Internet. It is a core function of the Internet and needs specific focus outside of commercial interests. The CAv6TF provides the framework and functions needed to help promote and drive IPv6 adoption to the benefit of all who play, work and earn from their participation on the Internet. Funding the CAv6TF demonstrates a leadership role during this historic transition.

 Technical Advisory Board Sponsorship

$10,000 per Year

 What you get:

  • Your corporate logo on the http://cav6tf.org/ homepage and in the Technical Advisory Board section
  • Access to the CAv6TF Technical Advisory Board logo to use on your website
  • Option to host a quarterly CAv6TF meetup
  • Opportunity to get involved and advise CAv6TF on technical initiatives
  • Peering with other Board members through an exclusive mailing list and optional in-person meetings at Meetups

 CAv6TF Services Sponsorship

$20,000 per Year

 What you get:

  • A larger corporate logo on the http://cav6tf.org/ homepage
  • Your corporate logo on every page of http://cav6tf.org/
  • Access to the CAv6TF Sponsor logo to use on your website
  • Option to host a quarterly CAv6TF meetup
  • Co-branding on all in-house generated material:
    • Informational content: podcasts, webinars, videos, whitepapers, …
    • Training content: documents, events, …
  • Once per quarter, the CAv6TF will create the original marketing content you choose.  If desired, we will make best efforts to recruit technical experts to participate, e.g. for webinars, podcasts, … Content will be branded and endorsed by the CAv6TF and requires minimal effort from the sponsorship company.  Content choices include:
    • Webinar
    • Podcast
    • Video
    • Customer story or case study
    • Custom poll & infographic
    • Direct marketing blast to 5,000 names
  • Original marketing content is provided to sponsor but it can also be distributed in the resource section of http://cav6tf.org/

 How will the Funds be Used?

The task force plans to spend sponsorship dollars in the following way:

  • Content creation around IPv6 (media, podcasts, webinars, video, press releases, use-cases, research report, polls, whitepapers)
  • Local meetings and social gatherings to discuss and answer questions about IPv6
  • Speakers and technical papers for conferences and journals
  • Original research and publishing in academics
  • Labs and interoperability events
  • Local hands-on labs and training sessions
  • Underwrite IPv6 certification
  • Underwrite student and academic attendance at conferences and events
  • Provide cost effective methods for local, state and federal employees to participate in remote conferences, training and education

Next Steps…

If you are interested in sponsoring you simply need to:

  1. Request an invoice from George Usi who is the chairman for the CAv6TF (gusi@cav6tf.org)
  2. Submit the invoice to your accounting team. We will provide our non-profit information in the invoice so your accounting team can take advantage of the write-off.
  3. Provide your branding info (logos, colors, etc), marketing contact, IPv6 engineering or product manager contact. Please send that to ed@cav6tf.org
  4. Make IPv6 part of your regular discussions, planning, products and customer talking points!

Current Technical Advisory Board Sponsors (Thank you!)

Juniper Sponsor