California IPv6 Task Force

The California IPv6 Task Force,  a not for profit 501(c)(3), devotes our resources to IPv6 use, education, and cyber security in the Western United States through advocacy, research, events, and collaboration among its base of volunteer members.

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IPv6 talks a plenty at NANOG73 in Denver, Colorado.  Stephan Lagerholm speaking about T-Mobile’s operational use of IPv6.  Great examples of application level fallback with Happy Eyeballs.

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Internet Infrastructure Forum IPv6 Advocacy

Internet Infrastructure Forum Event in China advocated IPv6 adoption in Industrial Internets with support from the IPv6 Forum and Internet Pioneers.

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NASA & IPv6 – Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones brought us up to speed today on Federal v6 Goals from the FY 2012 bill.  Here are a few of his slides to help us understand OMB initiatives when compared to implementation progress.

IMG_3537    IMG_3538

IMG_3540   IMG_3539

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Why Is Microsoft Internal IT Moving to IPv6-Only?

Take a look at Veronika McKillop’s slide to help us understand why her teams at Microsoft are moving to IPv6 Only networks for Internal IT use.


Microsoft currently has two test IPv6-Only networks in Redmond, WA and also recognized that IPv6 adoption will be supported because of the well known “Microsoft effect” which posits that 85% of global laptop/desktops are windows based IPv6 capable coupled with the fact that millions of devices (ie: servers, Xbox, tables, HoloLens) are designed for IPv6 networks.

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Day 2 NAv6tf Summit

We are getting ready to start Day 2 of the North American IPv6 Task Force Summit.

The Yosemite event room at LinkedIn Headquarters is filling up and we are getting started!

IMG_3494      IMG_3493

Thank you again to LinkedIn for hosting our event!

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NAv6tf Agenda and Speakers

Want to know who is speaking at the event this year?  Our agenda can be found here:

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John Curran NAv6tf Presentation

John Curran’s presentations are always lively, educational and wholly interactive (especially during Q&A).  Today’s presentation at LinkedIn’s Sunnyvale Headquarters was no exception to the rule as John focused on how to build a better IPv6 internet that users will actually be interested in using.  He also reviewed challenges associated with enterprise IPv6 adoption delays.


His first point discussed ideas on changing the fundamentals of network governance in IPv6 and how it could virtually eliminate botnets, spam, and general NAT headaches.  Notably, those changes and choices would also eliminate a lion-share of demand and spending for boundary security solutions used by many enterprises today.

Moreover, he posited that when considering the end-user perspective on today’s Internet that, “It does not matter what you do [as engineers], the average internet user still sees the same thing when they login [and it’s not the network engineer’s work that moves them].”

He continued by pointing to the attendees in the room reminding us of our accountability and that we, “…are the ones building a new internet on IPv6 yet running it the same way that we ran the IPv4 Internet.”  True, many network engineers, especially in enterprises, are seasoned with v4 habits such as straining to conserve IP addresses.  As such, we run the risk of doing too much subnet-ing with IPv6 resulting in a loss of operational visibility by breaking the rules of nibble boundaries.  Considering most assignment blocks will be assigned as a /32 or /44 with plenty of address space to spare, we really have no excuse to do things incorrectly.

From our perspective, this just proves that we still have a heck a lot of work to do educating network engineers if IPv6 adoption is going to happen at the enterprise level.

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