• Deploying IPv6 US Military
    Michael P. Brig [pdf] (posted 10/30/02)
  • JITC IPv6 Transition
    Jim Bound [pdf] (posted 10/30/02)
  • IPv6 Security & Privacy
    Latif Ladid [pdf] (posted 10/30/02)
  • Projected Impacts of the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) on the USN and USMC Enteprise
    Michael P. Brig [doc] (posted 11/4/02)
  • NAv6TF Addendum White Paper on IPv6 as input to National Strategy for Security
    Michael P. Brig [pdf] (posted 11/6/02)
  • NAv6TF Response to U.S. National Security Final V2.0
    Jim Bound, Latif Ladid, and Michael P. Brig [pdf] (posted 12/02/02)
  • NAv6TF PCIPB Input Part II Final Version 2.0
    NAv6TF Members [pdf] (posted 12/03/02)
  • NAv6TF PAIX and IPv6 Paper
    NAv6TF Members [pdf] (posted 01/02/03)
  • IPv6 an Internet Evolution
    Jeff Doyle / Yurie Rich [pdf] (posted 01/14/03)
  • Programming Guidelines on Transition to IPv6
    Tomas P. de Miguel and Eva M. Castro [pdf] (posted 01/19/03)
  • ATIS Summit Security Report
    Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions [pdf] (posted 05/06/03)
  • IPv6 In North America - Template
    Tony Hain [ppt] (posted 06/02/03)
  • IPv6 Application Note - 3rd Generation WiFi
    Junaid Islam - Jim Bound [pdf] (posted 10/13/03)
  • Case for IPv6 Internet2 Community
    Jim Bound [pdf] (posted 10/13/03)
  • Deploying IPv6 in 2004 - Template
    Yurie Rich [ppt] (posted 3/1/04)
  • NAv6TF Response: NITA IPv6 RFC
    Jim Bound - Latif Ladid [pdf] (posted 3/4/04)
  • Internet2 DoC IPv6 RFC Response
    Guy T. Almes [pdf] (posted 3/22/04)
  • IPv6: Necessary
    Alper Yegin - Carl Williams [html]
  • Technical and Economic Assessment of Internet Protocol Version6 - IPv6
    U.S. Dept of Commerce NIST NTIA - IPv6 Task Force [pdf] (posted 3/03/06)