Welcome to the California IPv6 Task Force website. We will be doing updates and changes soon with our recent relaunch so please keep an eye on the page.

The California IPv6 Task Force (CAv6TF) is dedicated to the advancement and propagation of IPv6 (Internet Protocol, version 6) in California. The CAv6TF mission is to advocate, educate and promote IPv6 by providing technical leadership, events and local meeting.

Through its continued facilitation of whitepapers, IPv6-centric conferences and collaboration with IPv6 task forces from around the globe, the CAv6TF will strive to be the guiding force for IPv6 adoption and readiness in California.

The CAV6TF is delighted to be helping with the gogonet Live! event Nov 3-4, 2010 in the Silicon Valley. Keep up to date on the event:

The CAV6TF is also on twitter - so please follow us to get news and information as it becomes available.

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